• Pre-Investment in an iPhone App Can Make You Lose Half a Million Dollars!

    Apple's procedure for the AppStore approval has always been cumbersome. Many great apps have been rejected for useless reasons, many useless apps got accepted as well and many were totally ignored. The current procedure has left many good companies gaping. FreedomVoice is no exception!

    The story of FreedomVoice urges me to wonder if Apple is actually approving apps by trial and error? The company submitted an app named newber about half a year ago but it is yet to be approved! According to them, all Apple guidelines were followed while making the app- leaving no errors. The app transfers an on-going call to another phone with out dropping the call. The company has tried to pester Apple using several methods but are yet to get a comment on the current situation. Finally, the company had to quit working on application which has entirely ruined a $600,000 investment on the app (including a $50,000 CES booth).

    The company should have been careful before spending the money as I don't consider big pre-acceptance publicity a good idea! The company is however not much worried about current investment as they believe they could re-structure it to use with their other AppStore app FreedomIQ. "The developer time will also be re-purposed when we flesh out the application for more serious platforms (BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, etc.) at a later date and integrate it with FreedomIQ." said Eric Thomas, the CEO of FreedomVoice.

    All the company wants to know is whether Apple wants to reject or accept the app. They do not even care if the app gets rejected but need just a comment from Apple.

    We just want to get Apple to have the social conscience to have a conversation. They can even tell me no.
    This story is so far the worst one in the AppStore scenario but if Apple doesn't mend its ways, we might see some worse stuff really soon!


    Graphic made by at004 a.k.a Amine
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