• "Significantly Faster Internet Connection" in Future iPhone Model(s)?

    Even after iPhone 3G was launched, internet speeds still remained an issue for many. Silicon Alley Insider claims that the next iPhone will have a "significantly faster Internet connection". It's unclear whether the statement refers to Wi-fi or 3G network.

    At least we're quite sure that iPhone wont be shifting to 4G as even the current 3G network is far from perfect. Based on the statement, they have made some wild guesses.

    * This can't be referring to AT&T's 4G (LTE) network, because that won't be ready for a year or more.
    * This might be referring to faster wifi, and not faster 3G access? (802.11n vs. its current 802.11g/b.)
    * AT&T has repeatedly vowed to speed up its 3G network via updates to the network. Is it possible that the current iPhone can't support those increased speeds?
    * We don't expect Apple to comment, but we've asked.
    * Either way, we hope it's true. At least in New York, the iPhone's pokey 3G speed has been its biggest shortcoming.
    While they don't guarantee if the rumor will be true or not but Electronista seems to have some good news about AT&T's plans for a faster 3G.

    At the same time, AT&T has been trialing 7.2Mbps 3G since late 2008 and should roll out the speedier service this year. The provider has stressed that many of its cell towers can be upgraded solely through software rather than new equipment.

    Current iPhones are limited in hardware to 3.6Mbps 3G and couldn't themselves be upgraded.
    They also report about a new Infenion 3G chip to be launched this year that'd double 3G speeds from 3.6 MB to 7.2 MB while increasing the battery life as well. They also suggest a possible upgrade of the Wi-Fi chip to 802.11n (the ones used in Airport Extreme) from the current 802.11b/g.

    We will soon know what the new Phone will sport but for now, these rumors are quite interesting.

    [Silicon Valley Insider and Electronista]
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