• Unique Tweaks for your Jailbroken iDevice

    Getting the most out of your device is one of the main reasons we all jailbreak. However, with such a large amount of Apps and Tweaks, there are a few that stand out as not just everyday tweaks, but rather, the more unique tweaks that really modify the way the device performs. There are obviously too many to list, so here are a few to get you started, I'm sure the community will contribute more

    Move LockScreen To Unlock
    Pretty much exactly as the tweak name suggests, this one will allow you to simply swipe, or flick the LockScreen away to reveal your SpringBoard. It's extremely quick and even let's you keep your slide to unlock function working as well.

    Find this in Cydia for $0.99


    VoiceActivator, by chpwn, has completely changed the way Voice Control works in iOS and gives users the ability to add completely new voice commands, giving you TRUE Voice Control on your device. It's as simple as creating new commands and assigning an action.

    Definitely check this one out! It's in Cydia for $4.99.


    This simple tweak will allow you to get your device's brightness to an acceptable level when in dark situations, such as bed. This handy tweak is great for the eyes. I'd like to see it get even dimmer, but perhaps that can be in an update.

    Find this one in Cydia for $0.99

    I use this app all the time on the iPad. It's a step above FullForce, and looks much cleaner on the iPad than the pixelated iPhone apps. Like using iPhone apps on your iPad, then check this one out for sheeezy.

    Available in Cydia for $2.99

    Another favorite from many, GridLock allows you to place icons wherever you'd like, without the need of using something like iBlank. This app comes in handy for many scenarios, especially theming.

    You can check out GridLock in Cydia for $0.99

    Post your favorite tweaks that are unique in how they make your device operate and function. I'm not talking your everyday tweaks, I'm talking those unique ones, that make you go, "Wow, Why hasn't Apple incorporated this?"
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    1. dessert's Avatar
      dessert -
      Hello and sorry for my English. I bought FakeLocation version 1.5 for my 4S, with 5.0.1. Unfortunately, when opening the app only get a white screen, nothing else happens. Can someone please help me there?

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