• Want 3.0? Don't Have an iPhone Developer Program Account? Devs are Selling Spots.

    With the pure awesomeness of iPhone 3.0 features many want to upgrade. There are a couple small catches though. First of all to (legally) download the iPhone 3.0 firmware you must be a registered with the Apple iPhone Developer Program at the cost of $99. Next, if you snatch the firmware off of a torrent you're out of luck because your iPhone's Universal Device ID (UDID) is not linked with a registered developer's account in the iPhone Developer Program making it fairly useless.

    Tipster happyaxekillercob pointed out to us that slots in dev accounts have made it to ebay. With a "Buy it Now" price of $0.99 and "shipping" of $9 the grand total to get a slot in a dev account and run some working 3.0 firmware is $10 instead of the $99 it costs to join the iPhone Developer Program.

    Another MMi reader with a dev account sent us a tip about his website to do the exact same thing. His prices are $15/slot but according to the email he is happy to give a 30% discount to MMi members making the grand total $10.

    Your options if you just can't wait for Firmware 3.0:
    1. Register in the iPhone Developer Program through Apple for $99.
    2. Grab a spot for your UDID in a pre-existing dev's account for $10.
    3. Find a kind friend that will add your UDID for free.
    4. Wait.
    5. Jailbreaking is awesome = wait.
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