• iPhone Coming Soon to China?

    It seems that a regional branch of China Unicom has posted some iPhone related information on their site.

    Though Apple had been trying hard to collaborate with China Mobile to release the iPhone in China, the biggest telecom market, all the rounds of negotiations were in vain. The carrier company wanted much more control over the phone but as we know, Apple could have never been ready for that.

    Finally, Apple reached out the second largest Chinese carrier- China Unicom- and it finally seems that the phone will soon be available soon via China Unicom. The company has one of the largest base of subscribers worldwide as well, which could help Apple establish an even larger world-wide presence.

    There's no confirmation that China Unicom is in fact launching the iPhone but signs are pointing to yes. Not only does their website have iPhone information but a press release, posted just a week before the site update says:

    The information, which listed smartphones supported by the 3G network China Unicom is building, appeared only on the Web site of the company's Shanghai branch and did not say whether the products would be offered in China.

    The site's changes follow media reports that a China Unicom delegation visiting Apple last week made a breakthrough in talks over offering the iPhone 3G on its network.
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