• iPhone Pwns Smartphone Surfing!

    AdMob, one of the biggest advertiser network in the mobile phone market claims the iPhone beats all the other smartphones in terms of web usage.

    Facts include:

    * Worldwide, the iPhone makes up 33% of all smart phone traffic
    * In the U.S., the iPhone accounts for 49.5 % of all tracked requests
    * Against all phones, including non-smart phones, Apple had 11.2 % of mobile online traffic. The iPod Touch was getting 6.7% and the Motorola RAZR has dropped to 2.9% of traffic
    There's a huge differenece between iPhone and Nokia, second in the list. On an other note, the jump of its share from 10% to 49.5% in US online traffic is remarkable.

    Please note that it does not reflect phone sales as data usage depends on browser experience, which means Mobile Safari excels in the field.

    The upcoming OS 3.0 will add some more and much-needed features to Safari like Open in New Tab and copy/ paste which will help the figures boost further

    The complete study by AdMob can be located in a PDF here.

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