• Wolfenstein 3D $5 on App Store $0 on Cydia. Exact Same Game. Legal.

    ID Software released the ever popular Wolfenstein 3D Classic for iPhone on the App Store on the 23rd of March for the price tag of $5. Now just two short days later Zodttd has released the exact same game on Cydia for $0. Yes when I say exact same game I really mean it is the SAME game.

    The game is published by ID Software under a General Public License (GPL). If you check out the ID Software's Wolfenstein site you can grab the source for download in the bottom right corner. Zodttd simply downloaded the source, compiled, and published to Cydia.

    Free on Cydia vs. $5 of the AppStore. What are YOU going to choose?

    /Win Jailbreaking

    EDIT: McCarron lets us know "they are not the same game, because the version that was released via Source Code is not the full game and only includes the first Shareware episode. The one on the AppStore has all 6 six episodes."

    EDIT 2: But it is still many missions of fun for free.

    EDIT 3 (CPJR): Seems zodttd pulled it from the Public Repo and moved it to his Beta Repo. Access to this repo can be had with a donation. Dont be mad, bandwidth was eating him alive.
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