• Beta iPhone 3.0 Jailbreak Released (Non Dev Team)

    Russian hacker Vortex has released a beta version of a 3.0 Jailbreak (supporting firmware 3.0 beta 2 only). It is packaged in the Dev Team's windows Quickpwn software and reportedly works on the iPhone 1st gen, iPhone 3g, and iPod Touch 1st gen. It unfortunately does not install Cydia instead it only installs Icy. However you can install SSH via Icy and then install Cydia manually . On the plus side the download is only 3.2 mb because it is only packaged with Icy. Also to note not all jailbreak apps work with this right now because it is not fully finished. Some work, some don't.

    Be warned this is NOT Dev Team approved. This 3.0 Jailbreak while using the Dev Team's Windows jailbreak software and method is not using files packaged by the Dev Team. If you are worried about the possibility of breaking your phone then we do not recommend using this beta Jailbreak. On the other hand it has been reported to work so if you are feeling adventuresome this may be an option.

    Note: This will not unlock your iPhone 3g. Don't ask.

    Download (Windows only):
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