• Stream Audio to Your Car via Bluetooth (3.0)

    I get annoyed that my car has a nifty DVD player/GPS nav system/6CD changer/XM.... and yet no way for me to simply PLUG IN MY iPHONE. Maybe you have the same issue.... and you have Bluetooth? Ok, so maybe that's not true - Bluetooth in your car isn't quite widespread yet, but its on quite a few newer models, and definitely more than a 1/8" input or iPod hookup.

    That's good news for you folks still stimulating the economy by picking up new cars - since the guys over at cars.com have tested and verified you can stream your iPhone's audio out to your Bluetooth enabled car.

    Of course, this requires the 3.0 iPhone software, which won't publicly be available til summer (but you already have it, don't you). I'm sure you can figure a way to make that happen.

    cars.com via TUAW

    thanks, JazJon
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