• FM Radio Fun for iPhone in June?

    Over the weekend some folks digging in the latest iPhone 3.0 beta 2 firmware build discovered some references to the possible wifi chip for the next generation iPhone due in June. The chip reference is the letter/number code BCM4329 which can be assumes to be in reference to a chip manufactured by Broadcom.

    Obvious features of this new chip include 802.11n support to handle those new speedy 5 GHz wifi networks that the iPhone 3g doesn't support. While faster internet on the phone is all well and good, 9 to 5 Mac noticed some interesting details while digging into more specs about the chip.

    The BSM4329 chip that could be showing up in the next iPhone in June may have the added benefit of FM radio support. There are all sorts of fun things that can be done with FM support. Listen to FM radio on your iPhone or iPod Touch when you want to catch the game. Grab some good old talk radio . Even better how about some streaming of your library over the airways directly to your car stereo (the chip can transmit in addition to receiving) -- no strings or dongles attached.

    Although there would be some awesome possibilities don't expect Apple do have such things enabled by default if they are in fact using that chip. Apple does what they want when they want. Remember it has taken them a couple years since the release of the iPhone for very basic features like copy & paste, MMS, useful bluetooth protocols, etc with firmware 3.0.

    Maybe in the near future some jailbreak devs will be able to have some fun . . .
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