• Video-in + iPhone = Really Cool Augmented Reality Apps

    The folks over at TouchArcade snagged videos some very impressive augmented reality programs by Blair MacIntyre, an Associate Professor at the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech. The apps displays the video that the iPhone is picking up on the screen and then overlays 3d objects on top of it to make the appears as if they are in reality. Above the video is a demo of a neat app that places a dog into the video that the iPhone is picking up that responds to touching the screen. Below is a demo of this technology being used for gaming. Where was my head at when I was writing this earlier? One video. Both the dog and the zombie killin in the same video

    While the concept is REALLY cool there are some negatives. One of the largest is that the application in its current form seems to require the correct backdrop to work. The virtual pet appears above specific squares. The zombie game needs a backdrop of streets and towers. Having to carry around a back drop for the app/game you want to use might be difficult to market.

    Regardless, cool factor 100%
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