• Google Mobile - Gmail all new, Calendar Events editable


    Google yesterday doled out some major upgrades to their Mobile software suite, specifically Gmail. An entire new look greets Gmail users on their iPhone now, with some huge improvements.

    Accessing email is much faster now, and the data is cached as well so if your network drops, the emails still load (assuming you've been on long enough to load a few). You can select multiple emails once, and there is a sexy little floating tool bar which scrolls with you, allowing you to do all sorts of common tasks - Mark as Read, Archive, Delete, Mark as Unread, Add Star, etc. They call it a floaty bar, lovely.

    The labels are also more how you're used to seeing them in your desktop Gmail experience. They do note, however, that the new Gmail only supports iPhone/iPod Touch OS 2.2.1 or above. Older firmware users will still see the old version. Check the video below for a little walkthrough of the new design.


    Calendars are also updated a bit in this rollout - specifically the nice ability to edit events.

    Thanks, Google.
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