• Three iPhones to be Announced in June?

    It isn't as crazy as it sounds. According to a report by the Commercial Times apple will be launching three iPhones in June. First a 2.75g (edge like the original iPhone), an updated 3g, and a Chinese targeted CDMA version. The updated 3g phone is no surprise as we have already been expecting it for months.

    The CDMA version is a direction Apple will have to go eventually if they want to put the iPhone on every network worldwide. If released possibly some hacking could put that CDMA phone on carriers like Verizon (who refused the iPhone originally).

    The new edge version if it really is real would most likely be very similar to the original iPhone. In fact why not just pick up a 1st generation iPhone off of ebay? I can't really see it as Apple's style to go backwards in product development but it could be a decent move if marketed as one of those phones that you get for free when signing a contact with a carrier -- fully subsidized.

    Might as well throw in here that the Commercial Times report specifically denies the possibility of an iPhone nano. No mini iPhone for you!

    [via slashphone via gizmodo]

    edit: if it isn't obvious that is just an artist's concept of the next iPhone. The image is NOT a real 3rd generation iPhone
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