• iPhone 3.0 Beta 3 Seeded. New SDK Too!

    Apple is keeping up with their firmware 3.0 beta release cycle of every two weeks. This evening Apple seeded iPhone 3.0 beta 3 firmware (build 7A280f) to those registered in the iPhone Developer Program.

    Things to note:
    • Spotlight now saves last search.
    • “Applications targeting devices prior to iPhone OS 3.0 beta cannot be tested in this seed. This bug is intended to be fixed in a future seed.”
    • MMS and tethering still possible with modified carrier bundle.
    • Speed improvements.
    • Youtube works.
    • iPod icon aligned.
    • You can change the homepage you want to go to on double tap.
    • Parental controls add In-App Purchase and Location options.

    With the beta 3 firmware Apple also released a new version of the SDK with the following seed notes:
    New in Xcode IDE 3.1 and later
    • The assistant interface has been completely revamped, making it easier to create “New Project”, “New Target”, and “New File” resources. This release of Xcode also adds new assistant templates for both Mac OS X and iPhone OS applications.
    • A new Overview toolbar item lets you see and set the project’s active Target, Configuration, Executable, Architecture, and SDK with a single control.
    • It is now possible to set a global “override” SDK as the Active SDK, making it easy to test the build of your entire project against a different platform.
    • New interface shortcuts have been added to the Build Setting inspectors making it easy to set the desired compiler, architectures, and SDKs
    • You can now add Libraries and Frameworks directly into the Target window and relate them to the project’s SDK.
    • The Xcode UI now allows you to designate a library or framework as weak-linked, to support building with newer SDKs while targeting older OS versions.
    • New “Edit all in scope” option within the Xcode source editor makes it easy to update all instances of the selected symbol within the current scope of code.
    • You can now have conditional build settings assigned for any combination of architecture and SDK.
    • LLVM GCC 4.2 is a new optional compiler based on the LLVM.org open source project. LLVM GCC 4.2 provides an LLVM-based back-end optimizer using the GCC 4.2 front-end parser. This compiler is both source and binary compatible with GCC 4.2 and requires the Mac OS X 10.5 SDK or “Current OS” SDK.
    • GCC 4.2 is a new optional compiler with stricter C and C++ language enforcement, security enhancements, performance optimizations, and bug fixes over GCC 4.0. Requires the Mac OS X 10.5 SDK or “Current OS” SDK

    New in Interface Builder 3.1
    • New drag & drop functionality allows easily re-parenting objects with the normal drag gesture
    • The document outline view has been enhanced to support full drag re-ordering.
    • A new string table interface allows localizers to make quick text changes across documents.
    • Generates XIB files that are more diff friendly while retaining full backwards compatibility with Interface Builder 3.0.
    • Now supports previewing image resource content in Carbon controls.

    New in Dashcode
    • You can now use Dashcode to create web aiPhone, as well as Dashboard widgets.
    thanks Andy for the tip
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