• [Rumor] SlingBox's SlingPlayer Rejected From App Store by AT&T

    It seems like forever since SlingBox announced that they had submitted their SlingPlayer application (which we checked out at MacWorld) to the App Store. Weeks later we are left here wondering where is SlingPlayer at?

    If Fudzilla's sources are to be believed we may not get the pleasure of streaming our home TV connection to the iPhone. The sources say that the reason it has been rejected is because AT&T has requested that it not be allowed into the App Store. Why? Because AT&T is afraid of how much bandwidth the app will take up.

    Hopefully this is nothing more than a rumor and we'll see SlingPlayer very soon. Poetic_folly can't wait to watch Lost on his iPhone . According to the BGR SlingBox has said that they have heard no word from Apple yet so odds look good that this is just a bad rumor -- at least we hope so.

    thanks JazJon for the tip
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