• iPhone 3.0 Beta 3 Jailbreak Released (Non Dev Team)

    Very similar to the previous jailbreak for the 3.0 beta firmware this Jailbreak fresh out from Russia allows you to install Icy on your iPhone, iPhone 3g, or iPod Touch 1st gen running 3.0 Beta 3 firmware that was released the other day. As with the previous beta 3.0 jailbreak Cydia has not yet been prepared for iPhone 3.0 leaving the option of Icy which isn't nearly as awesome but it is something. Once again this is not a dev team release -- it is independently compiled files packaged inside of the dev teams QuickPwn software.

    For those wanting to theme (manually) or work at it to get some things working (like the old days) or just want to play around inside the latest firmware release from Apple here ya go. Oh, one lasst thing, if you upgrade to iPhone Firmware 3.0 you will not be able to use yellowsnow to unlock (maybe forever). iPhone 3g user you've been warned.

    QuickPwn 3.0 Beta 3 (Windows Only)
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