• iPhone vs. Pre - Internal AT&T Document Kicks Palm's Booty

    AT&T is firing up to point out all the ways the iPhone wins against the Pre if this leaked internal document is any indication. Good old competition. While there are many things on the list above that can be disputed some of them seem to be fact. The pre won't work in the rest of the world as it is being released on Sprint (sad), the screen is smaller, 3d graphics limitations, and other various things.

    Surprisingly the document actually lists some (well only one) of the Pre's advantages: a full QWERTY keyboard. What? Did you think AT&T was going to publish reasons the Pre might be better than the iPhone?

    edit: ppl have asked "why the bogus comparison"
    a) This is an internal AT&T document. AT&T is not going to publish a document saying that the Palm Pre on Sprint is better than the iPhone on AT&T. Duh.
    b) Why don't you educate everyone else on why the Palm Pre is better. Saying "This shizat is bogus the world is full of crap" is not constructive or compelling.
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