• Quickoffice for iPhone Out! Good but not Complete

    The long awaited Quickoffice has finally hit the App Store (itunes link $19.99). The iPhone has been lacking a solid package of applications to easily view and edit Office documents and Quickoffice fills that spot nicely except for a few major flaws.

    The Good
    • Quickword is nice and full-featured allowing you to create and edit word documents with the features you'd expect like copy/paste (even between documents) along with formatting options (font sizes, styles, etc.).
    • Quicksheet while a little laggy renders Excel worksheets well and includes a whopping 125 functions and formulas to handle most of your spreadsheeting needs.
    • Quickoffice File is just excellent when integrated with MobileMe. Simply drag files to your iDisk and bam they are editable on the iPhone.

    The Bad
    • Where did predictive txt go? The iPhone keyboard can be difficult to type on and the built-in predictive text feature really should be working in Quickoffice.
    • Copy/Paste is missing from Quicksheet. It seems to me that it would be an obvious feature to include.
    • Quickoffice File while awesome for mac users with Me accounts isn't as awesome for Windows or non-Me users. The iPhone becomes a webserver and you transfer files via a webpage over your network - or something. It's clunky and unpleasant (happy i have that iDisk at the moment).
    • Needing to have a computer to transfer files is incovenient. What if someone sends a file to your email while you're on the go? Are you expected to drive to a computer, log into your email, transfer to your iPhone, and the resume life?
    • The number one biggest flaw. No Office 07 editing support. It's 2009. The world for the most part much switched to .xlsx and .docx. Great I can read those docs but no edit = not impressed. Need to get with the times.

    After all the waiting and fuss I was expecting a bit more. Hopefully the folks behind Quickoffice will be working hard to push some upgrades out here soon to polish up the shortcomings. I'll stick with it for now but I'm keeping an eye out for Documents to Go which should make it to the iPhone next month. Oh and btw, the Quckoffice folks are sort of screwing everyone who bought Mobilefiles pro which is essentially Quicksheets combined with Quickoffice File. Instead of a free upgrade when the same company updates their app to do more they get screwed and have to buy it a second time. Shame Quickoffice. Shame.
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