• Apple Unwilling to Drop AT&T, CDMA version not likely!

    It seems that AT&T is now successful to secure the iPhone exclusivity deal for a longer period. AT&Tís service has always been an issue with most of the iPhone users but Apple seems to be quite content with the service. Thatís why, when Tim Cook (and Peter Oppenheimer) were asked that whether Apple will continue with AT&T or not, he seemed quite positive about the deal with AT&T.

    We view AT&T as a very good partner, the best wireless provider in the U.S. Very happy to do business with them. They have done a good job with the iPhone. We have no plans to change it. Technically, Verizon is on CDMA. We decided to focus on one phone for the entire world, which means you have to go down the GSM route. CDMA doesn't have a life after a certain point in time.
    Regarding the Verizon- that is all about CDMA- rumors, he said that they Ďdecidedí to focus the phone for the entire world and that ďCDMA doesn't have a life after a certain point in timeĒ.

    It seems that all those lawsuits based on service issues arenít going to affect Apple as compared to their huge quarterly sales of iPhone and that Verizon doesnít have any chance to bag the iPhone even in 2011...

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