• Apple Failing to Pay, Devs Threatening Lawsuit

    Apple needs to re-evaluate their payment process to App Store devs. Apple has been paying late and more recently the numbers of devs that are not getting paid at all is on the rise. According to Apple's contract with iPhone developers who are selling their apps on the App Store

    Upon collection of any amounts from any end-user as the price for any Licensed Application
    delivered to that end-user hereunder, Apple shall deduct the full amount of its commission with respect to that Licensed Application, and any taxes collected by Apple under Section 3.2 hereof, and shall remit to You, or issue a credit in Your favor, as the case may be, the remainder of those prices on a monthly basis, no later than forty-five (45) days following the close of the month in which that amount was received by Apple. Each remittance by Apple under this Section 3.5 shall be accompanied by a sales report in sufficient detail to permit You to verify the accuracy and completeness of the amount remitted by Apple. You hereby acknowledge and agree that Apple shall be entitled to a commission, in accordance with this Section 3.5 on the delivery of any Licensed Application to any end-user, even if Apple is unable to collect the price for that Licensed Application from that end-user . . .
    Many developers have started actively discussing these issues on the iphonedevsdk forums and it appears that Apple's failure to hold up their end of the bargain and pay is fairly wide spread. It is not clear yet whether any or all of these developers will follow things all the way through and file a lawsuit against Apple but one thing is for certain: Apple needs to get their act together and make things good with the developers creating applications that make Apple the big $$$$$$$.

    [via techcrunch]
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