• Apple Replacing Water Damaged iPhones for $199

    Does your iPhone look like the one pictured above or worse? Good news! Apple is trying to clear out their iPhone 3g stockpile in preparation for the next iPhone due to be announced in June. Just take your water damaged iPhone 3g into your local Apple Store, drop down $199, and walk out with a fresh and working iPhone 3g.

    Instead of the typical out of warranty replacement process which involves the purchase of a new iPhone and extending your contract an extra two years the Apple Store is now just taking your money, popping your sim into the new iPhone, and letting you walk out of the store.

    You could, however, hold on to your money for an extra couple months and spend it on the next iPhone . . .

    edit: US only as far as we know

    [ifoapplestore via macrumors. image via ubergizmo]
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