• Cydia being prepared for 3.0, Nothing about Winterboard!

    In the old 1.x days, Installer was the most popular among iPhone users until 2.x came out and they lost the competition to Cydia (forever!) due to the delays. The matter got worse when word got around that Installer was just an advertising machine for RipDev but that's another story...

    It seems that Saurik is not going to take the chance of loosing to some new app. As per his new Twitter status update, he's almost done with porting Cydia to the new OS 3.0 and is already done with making the QuickPwn Bundle as well, which is not going to be released to the masses soon enough. The only part to be completed is the backward compatibility, which should be done soon as well! Another cool thing is that, in comparison to the Icy update for 3.x, Cydia won't replace/ delete any files like the libgcc thus making it a more secure option.

    Status update on 3.x: I finished a Cydia QuickPwn bundle and have been on making the 'Backwards Compatibility' extension fix other packages.
    On the other hand, Winterboard, or I should call it the SummerBoard successor, hasn't had much progress in 3.x. According to Saurik the kernel patches required for Winterboard to work on this new OS aren't yet complete in the unofficial jailbreaks.

    My current understanding of Winterboard on 3.x is that the kernel patches are not all finished in the iPhoneApps.ru jailbreak.
    Winterboard already has a huge database of themes and offers a great modding experience for iPhone which was not possible ever before! All those majority of widgets and themes like the iNav being downloaded by thousands on Cydia have been made possible only because of Winterboard and it would be more of a nightmare for people to loose them. All we can hope for right now is that the 3.0 won't make us loose all that theming capability or there is a chance many won't upgrade be interested in upgrading.

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