• Apple Rejects BitTorrent Controller for iPhone for Third Party Rights Infringement!

    Apple's AppStore approval process has executed another questionable decision in the AppStore.

    Maza Digital submitted their latest offering named Drivetrain - a remote control for Transmission, a BitTorrent client - which soon got rejected with yet another questionable reason! The reply from Apple states that “this category of applications is often used for the purpose of infringing third party rights. We have chosen to not publish this type of application to the App Store.”

    As per the above statement, it seems that Apple is going to keep its doors closed for all BitTorrent related apps on the AppStore. BitTorrent clients have always been popular on all platforms (including Apple's very own Mac OSX), but Apple isn't ready to allow the whole category of BitTorrent clients or related apps to the store - even though they've been selling on Mac for years now!

    Not only do the developers believe this rejection to be "ridiculous" but also claim “a BitTorrent client or the BitTorrent protocol are not illegal (and does not infringe on third party rights),” and notes that Drivetrain itself doesn't even download anything directly but just acts as a controller.

    This rejection scenario is getting worse day by day. If we look at some recent incidents like disapproval of an update for Tweetie as it allowed the users to see foul stuff written by others and the most recent one about the NiN app rejection (that got accepted without any changes later on) which allowed users to download a podcast that has foul language.

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