• Apple Ceases Future API Changes for Snow Leopard, Release Imminent!

    Apple recently released another new beta build - 10A354 - of Snow Leopard to devs, which not only included many new features, but also marked the end of any modification to the APIs.

    Apple has finally announced that they won't be making any further changes to the Snow Leopard APIs. This not only means that the developers can start working on new apps for the next version of OSX (without any worries of the last minute changes) but also clarifies the only stuff left for the final build is optimizations and bugfixes.

    Coming to this new build are APIs for Chinese handwriting recongnition which would allow one to input Chinese character using the new multi-touch technology in the latest Macbook line. Besides that, it includes some essential drivers for Windows 7 installation and a small WWAN section in the system profiler - which hints at 3G equipped Macbooks in the near future.

    As the release notes get shorter with every new build, the path for the next wild cat becomes more clear!

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