• Kindle for iPhone Leaves Stone Age, Still Behind

    So the Kindle is popular these days, what with the larger size coming, and the iPhone app. We've tested it out and used it (not as cool as the Kindle screen, but decent enough for passing an hour or less somewhere - don't try it for long reading), and it works pretty well... except the book browsing/buying function. That sucked.

    Before this latest update on Amazon's part, you were actually directed to Amazon.com in your Mobile Safari... and it was the full version of the site, where you would browse through books on your iPhone screen in a nice layout absolutely lame design.

    But wait.... they have [kinda] seen the light. Browsing and searching for books is now MUCH easier, thanks to a handy dandy search and optimized version in the app and the site itself. Yah, it still takes you to Mobile Safari to actually BUY the book (which is still all sorts of annoying), but hey - it looks halfway legit now.

    Getting warmer, Amazon.

    BusinessWire via Engadget
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