• AT&T Crippled SlingPlayer To Kill Competition?

    We already know that AT&T prevented Apple from approving SlingPlayer before and was the main culprit in restricting it to Wi-Fi ONLY. Their recent statement proclaims the restrictions to be a modest way to prevent the network from collapsing. Well, most people trust them because of obvious reasons, but it seems to be the incomplete truth!

    As per a tipster, AT&T's been working on it's OWN application named "i-verse" that performs similar task as SlingPlayer.

    This app works with their U-verse TV solution (like slingbox) and loads the "DVRed" shows onto your iPhone at home or stream them over internet on 3G network! The app has already been demoed privately last year and since then, AT&T's into developing it.

    Currently SlingPlayer is the #9 app on the US AppStore even though it is Wi-Fi only, imagine what wonders would a 3G version do! Of course there are alternatives for people with a jailbroken iPhone but what about those unwilling to do it? If true, this is a cheap move by AT&T which is abusing its power and should be restricted. Hope Apple hears us next time, instead of AT&T..

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