• iPhone To Be Announced After WWDC, By Steve!?!

    All the hopes of Steve Jobs' early return from the "holiday" for the WWDC keynote were ruined when Apple officially announced the keynote to be delivered by Phil Schiller, Apple's Marketing Vice President. With this announcement many believe that the new iPhone will no longer be announced at WWDC ...

    According to Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster, Apple won't be unveiling any new iPhone hardware this WWDC. In fact, the whole event will be surrounding software ONLY. This has become a bit obvious after Apple's announcement of developer's preview of Snow Leopard. Apple won't be willing to launch the new iPhone and leave the Snow Leopard with less audience... Therefore, it might be possible that the WWDC keynote will be boring like the last Macworld keynote.

    Although this may raise some concern among investors that Steve Jobs will not return [at all], we continue to expect his return to the company by the end of June."
    It is believed that Steve will do the honors of revealing the new iPhone by himself and not at the WWDC but at another different event possibly taking place in late June or early July.

    [Fortune 500]
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