• Genius Recommendations Come To iTunes Mobile

    Genius recommendations were introduced back in iTunes 8 and now theyíre finally making their way onto the iPhone and iPod Touch versions as well. Apple now includes Genius recommendations with all mobile versions of the iTunes app. To use the Genius feature simply launch the iTunes app and go to the More tab. The Genius option is the last item listed. The nice thing about this new feature is the fact that you donít have to update the app to use it. Apple has already updated its servers so itís available to everyone now.

    Genius recommendations are generated by analyzing the songs and videos in your iTunes library. It then attempts to give you recommendations for new content that you might enjoy. It can give you song, movie or TV show suggestions and letís you preview song selections before buying. You can rate selections either thumbs up or thumbs down, by swiping on the title to the right, similarly to how you delete emails.

    iTunes mobile has always been a rather slimmed down version of the app. Now that Genius recommendations are finally available on mobile devices, the differences between the desktop version and the mobile versions are one step closer to offering the same conveniences. This may be a minor improvement to the iTunes mobile app, but it is a welcomed one.

    Source: Apple
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