• Nike+ iPhone Options Discovered for the Upcoming iPhone Model

    A guy named Sfreddo Marco discovered an exclusive iTunes screen after updating his phone to the latest beta of the iPhone 3.0 firmware. While upgrading, iTunes got stuck with an error which unknowingly gave him access to hidden settings!

    After the upgrade was successfully completed, the user found a new section dedicated to Nike+ in iTunes 8.2 with his iPhone connected. iTunes 8.2 gives user the ability to create Nike+ accounts and see the history of old sessions. A menu for "Sensor" was found as well which seems quite interesting. The Nike + tab and the Sensor menu hint at the use of Nike + technology for the upcoming iPhone. Nike + is currently exclusive for iPod Touch 2G only! It also appears that it might be possible to connect to other external sensors, switchable through a menu.

    It is suspected that these features can be enabled with simple plist tweaking but the correct edits have yet to be discovered.

    Edit: MMi Member FramedTrash posted up a ton of images of this from his iTunes. Check out post #2!

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