• Chinese Wholesaler Exposes Upcoming iPhone bezel and LCD Hardware

    We've all been eagerly waiting for the upcoming iPhone, and with each rumor the excitement level increases. However, this latest news/rumor is good as well as bad. Good first: it seems that one of the Chinese wholesalers named ChinaOnTrade.com - who gets stuff directly from the factories where Apple hardware is produced - has put a bezel and LCD screen for iPhone on sale, which it claims belongs to the next gen iPhone.

    The bezel has changed -instead of the silvery color we're familiar with, it has now turned black. The other part exposed is the LCD screen. This is sad news, if it turns out to be true, as folks were hoping for an OLED screen. Which is also what makes us think that the rumor is fake! According to iLounge, OLED even costs about half the price of LCD being used currently. OLED would also reduce the power consumption to some extent.

    Rumors just keep flying as WWDC nears. Hope the new iPhone is released at WWDC so we can get rid of these rumors, but that doesn't seem like the case... if you believe the rumors.

    [Gizmodo via iPhoneTicker]
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