• Carphone Warehouse Adds Four Placeholders for 16GB And 32GB iPhones

    Carphone Warehouse a authorized iPhone distributor in the UK is gearing up for the change. Get this! Carphone warehouse is a huge organisation which is one of Apple's official sales-partner. The screenshot below is their inventory system which shows placeholders for both 16GB and 32GB iPhones in both white and black.

    Now we all don't know for sure what is coming out next and Carphone Warehouse's system should not be treated as a confirmation of new iPhones specifications. You decide for yourself! Looks pretty good to me! Looks like the first undeniable proof we have or is this speculation?

    Coupled with Best Buys recently-released internal memorandum notifying employees of expected low inventory of the current iPhone 3G, as well as a similar advisory issued by Brightpoint, an iPhone distributor in Australia, retail signs are aligned in pointing to new iPhone disclosures early next week at Apple's annual developers conference.

    How exciting! I can't wait!

    AppleInsider | New 16GB, 32GB iPhones appear in Carphone Warehouse systems
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