• Looks Like Steve Jobs Is On Track For June Return To Coincide With A Media Event?

    Looks like Steve Jobs is right on track to return from his leave of absence later this month according to The Wall Street Journal reports.

    Some Apple directors have gotten weekly updates about his medical condition from Steve's physician. As we all know Steve has been very ill due to his body starving to death because it could not digest protein and he had to take action and do what was best for him.

    According to a person familiar of his illness says that Mr Jobs has been coming along well and is scheduled to return back to work the end of this month. Can't wait to see him and hope he has gained the weight he lost....

    I am sure many are wondering if he will be at next weeks Worldwide Developers Conference but Apple states that he will not return until the end of the month.

    A couple of people that do business with Apple stated that the company is trying to coordinate Mr Jobs return with a product launch or public event. (hmm wonder what is up their sleeve again?)

    The report also states that the next generation iPhone is ready to be introduced at the WWDC but looks like a repeat of last year.... it will possibly occur by early July in order to accommodate owners of the original iPhone whose two-year contracts will begin expiring. (Bummer looks like we have to wait until July again)

    At least we will know everything soon!

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