• Use Installer to Jailbreak 1.1.3 - MMi Installer Repo

    1/29/08 pf update: This method uses the Dev Team's jailbreak method. They have now released their own Installer version of it on the ConceitedSoftware Community Source, so we will be removing ours.

    1/31/08 update: Regardless of whether you have ATT or not, say YES to hacktivation using this method - if you do not, iTunes will throw an error and not let you use your iPhone until you restore to 1.1.1.

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    Hey! So we've made it even easier to Jailbreak 1.1.3 using the Dev Teams jailbreak method. You will now find 1.1.3 Dev Team Jailbreak in installer, provided to you by the ModMyI repository.

    Poetic_Folly and I have written up a package and tested it thoroughly and it appears that there are no issues running this Jailbreak from Installer

    • Jailbroken 1.1.2 phone
    • Newest version of BSD Subsystem -- version 2.0
    • Latestest Update of Installer.app -- version 3.0b10 (If you are not using the newest version installer will not work on 1.1.3)
    • Phone connected via wifi (its a large download)
    • Settings->General->Autolock SET TO NEVER

    All you need to do is find the 1.1.3 Dev Team Jailbreak package in Installer and run it. The rest will be done for you. Once done (about 20 mins - some reports have been as long as 50 minutes) your phone will restart and you will be updated and jailbroken to 1.1.3!

    Refresh Your Installer Sources to See It

    • I'm on 1.1.1, can't I just install this from there? No. If you're on 1.1.1, follow the guides to update to 1.1.2 jailbroken (and unlocked if you need it), THEN run this from Installer.
    • I already did NateTrue's jailbreak method. Is there a difference? Should I do this one? You don't have to. Supposedly NateTrue's method will break functionality needed to support official 3rd party apps when they come out in February, so it is a good idea to use this method instead.
    • Ok, but how do I erase Nate's method and use this one? You'll have to use iTunes to downgrade all the way to 1.1.1, then follow guides to get back to a jailbroken 1.1.2, and then run this script.
    • What about Google Maps' new features? Do they work any better with this method? Just like NateTrue's method, this does not update your baseband, just your firmware. So yes, you'll still have the same issues with Google Maps not wanting to locate. The going method to fix this is install Navizon, open it and have it find you, then go back to Google Maps and it should work.
    • Will my ringtones/sound/SSH/EDGE/mouthwash still work after I do this? Sure.
    • What about my applications? Do I need to delete them? Will they still be there in 1.1.3? You don't need to delete them, but you will need to reinstall them when you get to 1.1.3. NOTE: SummerBoard and Customize don't work with 1.1.3 yet.
    • Does this method clean out that 185 MB restore file it downloads? No. You'll need to delete it still once you get to 1.1.3.

    if you don't want to use installer but would still like to update via the dev teams method we have MANUAL INSTRUCTIONS

    THIS IS THE DEV TEAMS METHOD so the normal issues are there, some ppl it hangs at the end. IF you want to watch a log of whats going in while you are on 1.1.2 ssh in and run /Applications/Installer.app/Installer then use installer on your iphone to run the jailbreak. You will see a log of whats going on in the ssh window.

    When completed and on 1.1.3 only if you having a problem syncing use scp to copy over syncfix.sh file from this archive to / directory of your iphone. The ssh in and run syncfix.sh. Your syncing problem will be fixed.
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