• Greenpois0n Untethered Jailbreak for Verizon iPhone Just About Ready

    Users have been able to jailbreak their iDevices untethered on firmware 4.2.1 for a few days now with the release of greenpois0n RC5, however the first wave of Verizon iPhone 4s are landing on people's doorsteps, including mine, and soon there will be an influx of people with the brand spankin' new iPhone who are eager to jailbreak, just like I was.

    I tested the current version (RC5 Beta 3) from the greenpois0n website first, and, as many users are reporting, it does not recognize the Verizon iPhone 4 (which is running a similar firmware to the GSM version, 4.2.6) in DFU mode. But after obtaining a beta copy, it seems like the Chronic Dev team has made some fantastic minor adjustments, and the new beta installed Cydia flawlessly on the CDMA phone. In my brief testing, things seem to be running quite smoothly.

    It seems that the next greenpois0n beta should be available very soon, maybe within the next few hours, at least for Mac OS X. Verizon customers who ordered their iPhone already and are looking to jailbreak should be extremely exciting. It's possible that it might take some time before a windows version is updated, but we have faith the Chronic Dev Team will work their magic in no time. If you have interest in helping the team in testing the beta, and you have a Verizon iPhone and a Mac, they ask if you can join them on IRC.

    It's a good time to have a current-gen iDevice with all this untethered freedom for all. Happy jailbreaking!

    P.S. It's a crummy picture, I'm aware. But I took it!
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