• Pwnage - Custom Modded Firmware through iTunes

    Now here's one we've been waiting for. You remember seeing the AMAZING Videos.

    The long and short of it? After "pwn"-ing your iPhone using this method drummed up by the Dev Team, you can install custom .ipsw files directly through iTunes. Huh, say you? It means, open iTunes, Option/Shift Click Restore, choose your modded firmware file, and voila - jailbreak/unlock/Installer/Cydia when its done restoring! No extra steps!

    They will release two tools when this is public - iPwn to Pwn your iPhone, and .IPSW Builder to "modify the .ipsw filesystem, i.e. pre-jailbreak, pre-unlock, pre-activate, and create a complete custom .ipsw installation. In case you are already unlocked you can even tell it to disable the baseband update, just in case. Restore or Update from iTunes with custom .ipsw file and Voila! no more hassles after that."

    And they've even given a TON of info on how they did it.

    Not bad, guys. Not bad.

    Dev Team via Digg
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