• Peer 2 Peer File Sharing Hits iPhone / iPod Touch with iSlsk

    We all knew it was coming but now it's here. Peer 2 Peer on the iPhone. The app is called iSlsk and is basically a nice port of Soulseek to the iPhone. With easy to use features you can search other users on their network and download some music.

    video courtesy of app developer errrick | his site

    Where do you get it? Just refresh Installer and look for iSlsk from the Big Boss source.
    edit: if the file stays at 0% in the app its probably because the user sharing the file isn't online

    • File Search lets you easily search for files
    • Transfers shows you your que of downloads and download progress.
    • Downloads lets you view what you have downloaded
    • A nice import feature lets you import you files into your music database, allowing you to play them through the normal iPod controls - not working yet . . .

    To get the files you download one of the many apps that allow you to browse the iPhones file directory and browse to /var/mobile/Media/Downloads to play your files. Hopefully the import feature will be fixed soon.

    edit for the FirmwareGUID error first try setting the permissions for the app to 777
    alternatively try this.

    And of course some screenies

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