• Palm OS Plus iPhone / iTouch Equals Old School Style Thousands of Apps

    This news is a bit (infinitely) cooler than the recent prank.

    Anyone here remember Palm OS? We'll if you don't I'll just tell you, Palm OS was dominate in the early days of the PDA. After years of dominance it was finally overcome by today's popular handheld systems like Microsoft Windows Mobile, RIM on the Blackberry, Symbian on many manufactures like Nokia, and of course OS X on the iPhone.

    Here's the news, Palm OS and the over 20,000 apps and games available for the platform are coming to the iPod Touch and iPhone. StyleTap, a company dedicated to bringing Palm OS apps to all the major mobile operating systems has announced that they are bringing a Palm OS emulator to the iPhone and iTouch.

    This is an awesome development for the iPhone and iTouch showing that other platforms can be run and hopefully run well. While there is some doubt about the usability this opens the door to further advancement, and if done well will only increase the usability and available options for you beloved Apple device. Expect StyleTap to announce their prices and more info sometime in July.

    [StyleTap via iphonity] thanks FreakinBock
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