• Hedgewars - Coming soon to iPhone/iTouch

    Hi all,

    As some of you may or may not know, the Hedgewars team is working in collaboration with Zodttd to bring their game Hedgewars to the iphone platform. What I wanted to do is give you some information on Hedgewars, and hopefully get you a little excited about its eventual release.

    So What is Hedgewars?

    Hedgewars is a turn based, multiplayer, strategy game based on the ever so wonderful Worms Armageddon. In Hedgewars players take it in turns to control their team of hedgehogs, wielding a variety of wacky weaponry in order to annihilate the other team(s)! You can try the windows/linux versions over at Hedgewars (although we have progressed greatly from the current official release.)

    Hedgewars on the iphone will hopefully implement a fun and innovative control scheme. Utilizing all the features of the iphone, finger movements will control your hedgehog, taps and swipes will control your weaponry, want to alter the angle of your parachute drop? Just tilt the phone!

    So what's a thread without media, well I have some pictures for you here:

    Older Video:

    Random Screenshots!

    The completion of the island theme

    Dogfight map

    The nature theme


    A fun map

    Some additional shots:

    Beginnings of a city theme
    The snow theme
    Shameless self promotion map
    The beginnings of the island theme

    I hope this interests you guys.
    Visit us at Hedgewars

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