• The World's first video Ringtones software for iPhone -- VideosTone

    The World's first video Ringtones software for iPhone -- VideosTone from iFonetec Ltd( iFoneTec Ltd )

    The first in the ability to activate video ringtones on in-coming call for the iPhone .
    You will be able to assign designated video ringtones on your Contact list.

    MiVTones V2.0 Released for FW 2.0
    Add on Features:
    1. Support Firmware V2.0
    2. Set Video Sound Mute
    3. Set Vibration on/off

    VideosTone V1.3 release

    Addon Features
    1.Detecting the system Vibration.
    2.Detecting the system mute button on/off.
    3.Detecting the iPod volume setting.
    4.Compatiable with Kate.
    5.New Demo Video Ringtone

    VideosTone V1.2 release ( Full Features)
    Addon Features:
    1.Open personalize video ringtones (advanced setting).
    2.Preview video before choose videos.
    3.Donate button
    4.Videostone will be automaticly disable if battery lower than 10%.

    Video ringtones showtime!
    join in groups: http://www.youtube.com/profile_groups?user=VideoTones

    VideosTone V 1.1
    Add on "Mute Mode" (press volume to mute the ringtongs)
    Installer Source: http://app.ifonetec.com
    Other sources: Modmyifone.com sources

    How to DIY Video ringtones for Videostone
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