• PITA AppStore! Work your day around your iphone

    >begin rant>

    I am extremely underwhelmed with how the AppStore is functioning. There was a rather large ball dropped along the way here. I'm not talking about paying for apps, I'm talking about the ridiculous sync times. It is necessary to plan your day around syncing your iPhone when adding a large amount of AppStore apps via iTunes.

    My Day:

    I downloaded around 100 apps from the AppStore via this method using iTunes 7.7. My iPhone is using this version of the 2.0 firmware.

    I decided to sync all the apps on the phone at once. 3.5 hours later, the 100 or so apps I loaded have finally finished syncing at a total of 470mb. 3.5 hours for 470mb??!?!?!?! Come on I know usb isn't firewire but this is ridiculous!

    I return home mid evening, cook some dinner, and try out many of the apps while taking screenshots on the way so I can post reviews for them. I get through the letter E and decide thats enough for now. I wonder whats the best way to get my screenshots from the phone to the computer so I can post them in app reviews.

    The answer suddenly comes to me. Sync them onto my laptop!

    I plug in my iPhone and press sync. That was many hours ago. iTunes is still "Backing Up" my iPhone. The pictures have not synced over yet. I am not amused. I would like to write so reviews for ya'll. Reviews without screenies are lame. This sucks.

    My Advice. Do no load a large number of Apps at once. While the total space used might not be very large, the process of syncing seems to take forever. I am hopping that maybe the 2.0 firmware we posted today is not the final and an update in the morning will solve this long arduous process. If that is not the case then Apple needs to hurry up and fix this.

    Yours Truly,

    if I am the only one that has experienced this please tell me so I can throw my macbook pro out the window
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