• Developers - Port Your Apps and Get them Hosted for 2.0+

    2.0 has been jailbroken. As a developer, you want to see your apps on 2.0. Up until now, the only method of app release for 2.0 devices had been through the AppStore. With the release of PwnageTool 2.0 by the iPhone Dev Team, and Saurik’s timely and focused release of a 2.0 compatible version of Cydia (Installer’s only competition on pre-2.0 devices, and the only package manager on 2.0 - included in the PwnageTool jailbreak), there is now an additional method of package management.

    ModMyI is one of the sources included in the initial install of Cydia, and already has 2.0 compliant apps listed in Cydia. MMi would like to do all we can to help populate the 2.0+ iPhone landscape with jailbroken apps. If you’re a developer, we’d love to host your app in our 2.0 Cydia repo. You can maintain both pre-2.0 and 2.0+ releases through Cydia - it is intelligent enough to know what the user is using, and only show compatible applications to each user.

    To submit your package to us for hosting, simply use the “Host your app/skin on Installer/Cydia” button on the left of the site, or click here. If you never had your app on Cydia before (maybe you were only hosted on Installer), its pretty much the same method. All we need is the 2.0 jailbreak version of your app, along with a screenshot, contact info, and a description of the app, and we do the packaging for you. Your app will be listed within 24 hours, although we’re generally much quicker.

    If you’re not quite sure what needs to be done to get your 1.x jailbreak app to work on 2.0, Saurik has compiled an informative write-up in the Cydia home page on your iPhone, which we’ve mirrored here for you. You can also ask questions in that thread in regards to porting, or in Saurik’s IRC (#iphone on irc.saurik.com) or ours (#ModMyI on irc.moofspeak.net).

    General iPhone 2.0 users - how can you get prepared? Make sure you’ve got Cydia installed on your 2.0 device. If you need help jailbreaking your 2.0 device and installing Cydia, check out our full guides for both 1st generation iPhones and 3G iPhones. Apps will start flooding in over the next week or two, and Cydia is the place to get them.

    Folks. This thread is NOT for discussing the merits of Cydia over those of Installer. If you'd like to discuss that, feel free to do so here. This thread is to let devs know the best way to get their 1.x apps ported to 2.x and hosted in Cydia.

    I'm closing the thread, since the previous 13 pages of responses had absolutely 0 to do with the topic, and were all a Cydia vs Installer discussion. They're in the previously mentioned thread now.
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