• 2nd Beta of 2.1 iPhone Software Seeded to Developers

    Apple has now released their second beta version of the iPhone 2.1 software to developers. It comes about a week after the first release. This one seems to just include some bug fixes according to their release notes.

    This is the second beta of the iPhone SDK targeting iPhone OS 2.1, including bug fixes to iPhone OS as well as an early implementation of the Apple Push Notification Service API. This API is not yet integrated with a live push server.

    There is still no word on when this version will be released to the public or how many more beta versions there will be. Apple has not released any kind of timeline or information regarding this release.
    Early hints of turn-by-turn navigation and copy/paste, which were found in beta one, might not have even been new findings. These hints exist in the 2.0 software as well. There are however, references to a new iPod touch model which could lead to an iPod touch hardware upgrade very soon.

    We will keep you posted on any new developments.

    via [macrumors]
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