• FIRST LOOK: iPocket and VoiceNotes for AppStore | by Erica Sadun

    Erica Sadun, iPhone dev and blogger let us take a look at a couple of her upcoming AppStore apps before they actually hit the AppStore.


    iPocket is a file browser with all sorts of connectivity options. Opening the application shows you the file browser of your local filesystem (the iPhone). You can view .plist's, images, text docs, etc all from iPocket. Clicking the Action button while viewing an item gives you all sorts of options on it, including emailing it, uploading it via FTP, and more.

    One thing which I am really excited about but I couldn't get working properly was FTP. Erica notes in the Settings that FTP support is still beta, and can crash iPocket - which is what it did for me. I'm really looking forward to that, as grabbing a camera image, and then uploading it to MMi right from the iPhone would be extremely useful to me, and I'm sure plenty of you would love to be able to do the same on your sites, etc. Hopefully she'll get FTP stable soon, as this is a huge push for iPocket for me.

    One other cool feature of iPocket (in addition to Bonjour support) is a built in http server. Simply open up the WWW section of iPocket, and turn on the http service. It will then give you a local web address which you can access from any computer on the same WiFi network as your iPhone, and you can browse your iPhone filesystem straight from Safari/IE/Firefox/wtvr you like.


    VoiceNotes is a nice new interface for Erica's 1.x app of the same name.

    The GUI is about as easy to understand and simple as you could get - opening the app gives you a giant green button. Press it, and it turns red, and you're recording. Press it again and you've stopped recording. There's also a time counter letting you know how long you've been recording.

    To access and play back your notes, hit the Library button in the top right of the screen. A scrollable list of all your recordings comes up, and when each is clicked it plays. You also get an easy trash button to delete them using the same Apple interface in Notes.app.

    Recordings sounded great, and playback was easy. This is a great and useful app!

    Both these apps are currently in the approval queue in the AppStore, so we should see them soon.
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