• iPhone 3g Pissed, Burns Owner Out Of Spite

    A poster at the MacRumors forum, LonginottiFilms, says he fell asleep on the couch and woke due to some serious pain,

    A few hours ago, I fell asleep on my couch and woke up from extreme pain coming from my pocket...

    I pulled out my iPhone 3G which was extremely hot... i then placed it on the floor, for whatever reason, my phone burned my leg, and after looking back at my phone, you could definitely see melted plastic...
    Pics are along for the ride:


    Where the iPhone breathed out hot, hot dragon fire

    The burned leg – ouch!

    UPDATE: Apparently this isn't the first time this has happened. According to another poster, Appledrone, in the same forum says,

    The same thing happened to a friend of mine here in the uk 3 days ago, his melted to the pocket lining of his coat!
    Poster RatSalad – what a wonderful, delicious sounding name – chimes in as well,
    The same thing happened to me the other day at work. Were you running a application right before you stopped using the phone?
    Megalobyte fortunately has the answer for us as to why this is happening,
    This is not a defect people, one of the new features with 2.0, a very effective alarm. Much like plastic backs aren't to save money, no sir, better reception, and hey, if we do save a few bucks too...
    Complete-ish Transcript of Apple Care Call:
    Thank you for calling Apple iPhone Support, this is Steve here (not big Steve), may I ask who I’m speaking with?

    -James Longinotti

    Can I get your iPhone telephone number starting with the Area Code?

    -(501) 276-XXXX

    Thank you very much, and have you called in about this issue before?

    -uhhh, no I haven’t…

    And what can I do for you today?

    -Last night, I fell asleep on my couch, and was awaken by my phone burning in my pocket. I quickly took it out and threw it to the floor, later examining it seeing the back melted and my leg burned!

    Eh Wow…
    Okay sir, let me just look here for a second…
    Okay, do you have an Apple Store close to you Sir?

    -No I don’t

    Okay sir, I’m going to look here…
    Okay, So I’m just going to put you on a brief hold for a moment…And just to verify, the phone overheated and now the back is melted?

    -Pretty much, I actually have pictures on my blog…

    It’s okay sir, I just have to look here to see what I can do for you since your warranty expired 33 days ago and…

    -Wait, What!?

    Uhm… Your warranty expired?

    -No it didn’t…

    It says here that..

    -It’s an iPhone 3G, I got it on Launch day…

    Oooooh okay, I guess it didn’t transfer over then…
    Okay then sir, can you look on the back and give me the se… oh wait, it wouldn’t be on the back… Do you have the box?

    -I sure do

    Can you read me the serial number?

    -Yes, it’s xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…

    Just give me a sec here to pull that up…
    Can I get your email address sir?

    -yes, it’s [email protected]

    Okay, we need that for the repair order process…


    Now do you have an odd –excuse me- OLD AT&T phone with you sir?


    Okay, because you will be without a phone for 5 to 7 business days, I’ll go ahead and set you up with a service phone…


    (long pause)

    Okay sir, I am going to speak to someone very briefly about this if you could just hold on for a moment…


    (16 min of Asian music)

    Hi there James, I now have Debbie on the line, and she is going to further assist you today okay?


    You two have a great day now------------------Thanks very much!

    (now Debbie)

    Okay now, I am going to be doing some paperwork with you to get your unit replaced okay?


    Sorry for the delay, so let’s get this set up… So are you close to an apple store?


    Alright, so I’m going to have to do a mail in ,in order to replace your phone…

    Okay, we will send you a service phone… let me see what I could do…

    Alright, can I have a contact number?


    okay, 76-gosh dang what is wrong with this keypad!... sorry continue…

    And what state are you in today?


    Ooh Arkansas, how is the weather there?

    -Just great, not a cloud in the sky


    -yes it is

    And your full Address…


    Thank you for your patience on this, I understand you had an issue with the heat?

    -Yes, I heard the 3G speed was “Blazing” but I didn’t know it was that hot…


    did you day you wanted a white 16 gig? Oh I don’t think the 16’s come in whi… oh they do!




    -I hear ya


    I don’t know , it’s hot in here today

    -Did my phone visit?



    So again, what happened?

    -I begin the story again

    Wow, That’s Wild, I haven’t seen that in a while (?)

    How long was it in your pocket?

    -About 3-4 hours

    So you were on the couch and it got hot…

    -Really hot!

    So the back is only damaged?

    -yes, I am talking to you on my phone now

    So it’s Working…

    No Comment

    That’s really weird, It melted, but is still functional…

    I prefer you didn’t use it though…

    It didn’t damage anything did it?

    -Other than me… no

    Just you… (laughter)

    It didn’t blister your leg did it?

    -Just red right now

    Just red huh…

    No fumes was there?

    -nope, just the ootb smell

    out of box smell only? Hehe …No smoke?


    any sparks?


    And it just happened todat right?


    and the part of your leg that was burnt was around the pocket right?


    Any electric shock?


    Did you notice any smoke coming out of your pants? (said while laughing)


    Any flames, just intense heat right?


    Sorry for all this, there is a lot of paperwork for an issue like this…
    -tis ok

    (about twenty questions later…)

    I guess that’s all we need for That one…

    HEHE It asks if the battery can be inspected, I put “it’s in the iPhone”

    How was the condition of the room you were in?

    -It was a bit messy and COOL at the same time


    I think we are finally done with the questions…

    I am worried about the phone heating up again, so I would like you to power down the phone once we are through…


    Alright, I’m just going to put you on hold for a moment…

    (28 min later)


    Thanks for holding; I’m going to get in contact with a safety consultant…

    I will call you back on your landline…

    --------------End result, A replacement on the way------------------------------

    The end
    [MacRumors via Digg via Gizmodo]
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