• Apple CAN Kill Confirmed by Steve

    Well they can kill apps on your iPhone at least. Phone hacker and author of iPhone Forensics Jonathan Zdziarski discovered a remote url that Apple uses to keep a list of offending applications.


    ďThis suggests that the iPhone calls home once in a while to find out what applications it should turn off. At the moment, no apps have been blacklisted, but by all appearances, this has been added to disable applications that the user has already downloaded and paid for, if Apple so chooses to shut them down" according to Zdziarski's first impressions.

    With further investigation Zdziarski confirmed his initial speculations. "With a little DNS spoofing, Iíve managed to feed my own list into the iPhone and effectively kill any application that attempts to use the GPS, including Google Maps. It looks like tasers are only set to Ďstuní right now, but that may just be because I havenít found the knob to vaporize the app."

    On Monday Steve Jobs confirmed that Apple can in fact kill applications at will in the Wall Street Journal. "Hopefully, we never have to pull that lever," Jobs said, "but we would be irresponsible not to have a lever like that to pull."

    [via cnet pocket-lint zdziarski]
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