• QuickPwn GUI Released [Windows]

    Just yesterday, we all saw the release of QuickPwn and now it seems that the DevTeam has been working really fast these days.

    According to their latest blogpost, they have released a new version of QuickPwn with GUI (with help of poorlad).

    If you don't know, then QuickPwn is a quicker and easier way to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch as compared to pwnage if you don't want a custom fimware.

    According to them, a cross platform GUI is also in works and should be out soon. Also, this version fixes the problems with iPod Touch users.

    A final cross platform GUI for QuickPwn is also being developed, but this version should help some of you guys and gals right now.
    This version fixes some issues that were reported with the iPod touch.
    Finally, this is just a public beta, so use at your own risk. Also, there are no updates yet on the 3G unlocking scenario.

    DevTeam Download Mirror | MMi Member Download

    [DevTeam Blog]


    ModMyI member mfleigle has discovered that QuickPwn, just released today for Windows, actually works for the 2.0.2 Firmware that was also released today. Here is mfeigle's original post:
    My steps:
    Upgrade to 2.0.2 in iTunes
    Download quickpwn
    Extract quickpwn and place 2.0.1 IPSW in it. ( I have been told that 2.0.2 IPSW works also, but I havent confirmed it.)
    Follow quickpwns steps
    And voila!
    This has been confirmed by other users and is reported to work on the Original iPhone and the iPhone 3G. No word on the iPod touch yet.

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