• Dock: Now for 2.0!

    Dock, one of my favorite application launching programs on the iPhone, has been ported to the 2.0 firmware by Nate Tru. One of the best things about Dock is that is it available in any application. By simply swiping your finger along the bottom of your screen will activate Dock. But now, it's back with an entirely new look.

    Now when you open Dock, you will get 5 different categories: Media, Phone, Uncategorized, Utilities, and Work. Most applications by default are in Uncategorized, but default applications are categorized. You can move around applications in the "Dock Prefs" application.

    One new feature I do love, is the ability to call any of my contacts with the "Speed Dial" switch turned on in Dock Prefs. Speed Dial will show up next to Uncategorized and you can call any of your contacts.

    Overall, really great update, and a welcome addition to my iPhone.
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