• Unhappy iPhone 3g User Suing Apple

    As we have previously reported the iPhone 3g has had some issues with reception. Now at least one unhappy customer is suing Apple. Jessica Alena Smith filed a federal suit against Apple on Tuesday.

    Basically the lawsuit says that despite the 3g iPhone marketing by Apple claiming that the iPhone 3g is "twice as fast for half the price," the iPhone is in fact much slower than advertised and drops a lot of calls.

    Jessica's attorney Jonathan Kudulis made the statement that “Apple sold these devices on the promise that they were twice as fast as the pre-existing phones and that they would function suitably, or properly, on the 3G network. But, thus far, Apple and the phone have failed to deliver on this promise.”

    The complaint hasn't officially been served to Apple yet since it was filed yesterday. If everything goes according to Smith's plans this will be a class-action suit against Apple.

    [via abc news]
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