• R.I.P OpenClip!

    Remember the OpenClip Copy and Paste solution we debut last week. If not, then it is an inter application copy and paste solution for iPhone that does copy and paste <s>without voiding any SDK rules</s>.

    The basis of the app was to maintain a common clipboard in the sandbox of main app and when a paste command was issued, the running app would peep into the sandbox of the host app ad paste the most recent clip.

    But, according to a recent post at the OpenClip main blog, the new beta of 2.1 breaks this solution as it doesn't allow any app to look outside their sandbox. That means the new beta completely opposes the OpenClip solution!

    But, this beta was seeded even before the OpenClip debuted. So, was this purposely done? Nope, Apple simply did this so that no app becomes a privacy or security threat to the owner.

    Now, the problem is that the solution still works partially i.e. copy and paste in the same app but that's no big deal as this was developed by Proximi in the form of Magic Pad even before White made OpenClip.

    Now the main question is whether the solution is completely dead?

    Nope, according to White the solution can still be brought to life but it will be not as efficient as the previous one. Here's what he has to say:

    However, even though apple is killing the concept behind the current OpenClip, that doesn't mean we can't change the concept. A shared clipboard could be stored in an Address Book card or even on a remote server. Those solutions aren't as good as the OpenClip implementation, but they aren't bad.

    The address book version, would have to write a very weird looking address book card to your address book. It would probably get synced and it would show up on your Mac or PC or even MobileMe. I'm not too cracked up about that, but I would be interested to know what users think of that (email me). The network solution is impossible for Apple to shut down, but it is no easy task. Just ask Apple's MobileMe department.
    So, we'll soon see what happens in the near future...

    [OpenClip Blog]
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