• Google Translate Turns iPhone into Real Life Universal Translator

    Google Translate has just been released for iOS devices. It was first introduced back in 2008 as an HTML5 web app for the iPhone and is now available as a native iOS app. It has all of the same features and a few new additions to help improve its overall usability as well. Just like other Google apps, this one is also a free download.

    With Google Translate you can translate 57 languages in text-only form or it will recognize 15 different languages spoken into the app. Google translate can also speak 23 languages aloud. Hopefully, future versions will have the ability to understand and speak every supported language, instead of fragmenting them as they have with this version. This app is still quite impressive nonetheless.

    You can also save your favorite phrases by pressing the star next to the translated text. Stared favorites are also accessible off line, so if you have to be in airplane mode you still have access to a few phrases. The zoom icon gives you access to full screen mode. This is can be quite useful if you need to show someone text that you can’t quite pronounce. Google translate also supports non-Latin script languages like, Japanese and gives you the translation in Kanji characters and phonetically in Latin script as well.

    When Star Trek first introduced the concept of a universal translator back in the late 1960’s, it was nothing more than a bit of science fiction wishful thinking. With the release of Google Translate, that wish is now a reality. This version of Google Translate doesn’t quite measure up to the universal translators found on the Starship Enterprise quite yet, but it is an impressive first step in the right direction. Science fiction of the past is slowly becoming the science reality of today. This is just the first version of Google Translate, just imagine what it will look like in a few years. Who would have thought that Star Trek technology would have the Google logo on it one day?

    Source: Google
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